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Business Planning
Acquisition of a business
by a company, sole trader or partnership

Often the business plan will have two major functions:

  1. Focus on the operational, marketing and managerial strategies associated with the acquisition.
  2. Raise finance


This is relevant at all times but particularly so if you are buying a business for the first time. An holistic approach to planning helps you to understand the reality of the venture and puts you in the best possible position to succeed.

The potential synergies that exist by making strategic acquisitions can be realised only by careful planning and good change management. This can be actioned by getting senior executives to contribute and therefore “buy in” to the plan. The executives are then able to communicate the positive benefits to their subordinates and so forth. There are considerable benefits in analysing and documenting the why, who, what and when of any major change as this then enables practical execution of the Garner Associates' plan in a controlled manner.