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The Sixth largest producer of Oil and most populous African nation has embraced democracy effectively. Nigeria provides a huge opportunity for commercial organizations to enter and generate profitable activities in a relatively stable environment within a difficult continent. With a dearth of Industrial and Agricultural production, the country offers opportunities both for Trade and Manufacture.

Our Experience: We have over four years of Experience in Nigeria and can provide our expert guidance and support in the following areas.


Complete Document on the Commercial and Political environment in Nigeria. Operational experience in effectively managing an entry into this environment.


Pre Operational Studies

  • Developing Entry Strategy for Companies based on in depth understanding of the country
  • Market environment survey.
  • Competition research.
  • Consumer insight and Brand perception research.
  • Industrial environment survey leading to location selection.
  • License application and processing.
  • Legal documentation.
  • Complete feasibility studies.


Setting up a complete project in Nigeria including

  • Setting up a Factories at different locations in Nigeria
  • Setting up and running a Market Distribution Network.
  • Researching Consumer Insight and Behavior.
  • Developing Advertisement and Marketing campaigns for Consumer products
  • Tracking Media performance and rating
  • Direct Marketing activities in small and large scale (Up to 5 Million contact’s per year possible) using specialized and customized teams and Vehicles.
  • Managing the Environment-Maintaining orderly relations with the government


Operational Assistance

  • Recruitment of Manpower
  • Assistance in selecting Agencies for operational requirements – example: immigration help, Advertising Agencies, Real Estate Agencies, Government Liaison etc.
  • Hand holding for settling in expatriates in the Country.
  • Operations insight and assistance.


Management Consultancy

  • Operational consultancy in Marketing, Manufacture and Human Resource Development.
  • Government Liaison.
  • Public Relations and Goodwill management.



  • Objective
  • Which market(s)
  • Competitive analysis
  • Product design
  • Advertising campaign & message
  • Pricing strategy
  • Market & consumer research (focus groups & trade interviews)
  • Distribution (own distribution, third party, mail order)
  • Merchandising, trade promotion and support
  • Launch dates & lead times