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You only get one opportunity to make a first impression!

Whether you are an individual or a company buying a business, it is probable that additional funding will be required, your bank/investors will expect to see a business plan. Software packages are available but these standard templates are frequently inappropriate as they may fail to present the whole business case.

Garner Associates provide a unique customised business planning service designed to assist entrepreneurs and/or companies in achieving lifestyle and/or strategic acquisitions. Being customised, our business plans are prepared on a case by case basis, which clearly varies the content, but, as a minimum, a typical Garner Associates plan will include:

  • Executive summary.
  • Background summary of target enterprise (top line due diligence).
  • Analysis of current operation, resources and performance.
  • Key drivers and critical success factors.
  • Market opportunity (includes section on marketing strategy).
  • Proposed management and operational strategy.
  • Financial summaries to include:
    • P&L's (historic and projected).
    • Working capital and cashflow projections.
    • Projected balance sheet.
    • Key investment statistics, ratios and sensitivities.
  • Project funding summaries (in consultation with financial institutions).

In short Garner Associates document the investment opportunity (and risks) by detailing the business case from both an historic and future perspective. In addition to focusing the mind of the client, our plans are welcomed by financial institutions as they answer many questions and also provide a clear picture of where and how the client wishes to take the business. This allows all parties to discuss the key aspects of the proposition and reduces time taken within the decision making process.

Make your first impression count.